Return Policy

All sales are final for prints, stickers and original works, however please contact me if the buyer encounters any issues with Original Works within 7 days of receiving your items. After the 7 day period, the sale of the Original Work is final.

Issues that might arise, include:

- Issues with shipping:

 * non-arrivals (Please allow 3-14 days for all U.S. orders and 4-5 weeks for orders placed outside of the U.S.) Contact me if this issue arises for all items.

* damage caused to items due to shipping such as tearing, broken glass, broken frames, etc. Must have proof of damage caused to item.

- Custom frames vs. Temporary frames:

* for custom frames:   Some originals are framed with custom framing, therefore they can be priced higher than other original pieces. Most of the original pieces have been in route to galleries, art walks and other art related events. The buyer might find permanent writing or pen/pencil/marker markings on the back containing info of the piece itself. The artwork is sealed in these frames. You might also find; light scratch marks due to transportation and handling.

* for temporary frames:  These were purchased to protect the original when being displayed. These cost a lot less than custom frames. Some frames come with manufacturing defects. The original art walk can be transferred to another frame. 

The above listed reasons for custom and temporary frames are non-refundable or exchangeable. 

I do my very best to protect my work and the frames they are in. I also do what I can to keep the frames and glass clean, presentable and ready for hanging. I would not attempt to sell or present work that I felt was unfit for sale.

All other issues, questions regarding items purchased through:

Please contact me and I will be more than happy to work something out with you. 

- Paloma Montoya